So you want to be a product reviewer. I have been reviewing camping products for a while now and I wanted to share my strategies for getting these products for free by reviewing them for companies. I always have people coming up to me and asking me, “Nick how do you keep getting all of these companies to send you free stuff!” The answer is simple and it doesn’t require you to commit a lot of time either.

I am a full time employee and aIMG_3973 father of 3 and I am the last person to have some spare time to do a big project, but I still manage to find time to review products for outdoor gear companies. So if I can do this anyone can.  It all started out one day when I purchased a Camping Hammock and after I got it I had buyers remorse. I wanted to try out another Camping Hammock that I discovered shortly after making my original purchase. Since I don’t make a lot of money I wasn’t able to purchase this other Hammock. So I developed some strategies to become a product reviewer, and they worked! Now I have thousands of dollars of free gear. This is a simple process and I have now implemented the same strategies to other areas of interest like, video equipment, sound equipment, entertainment and so on. I have included some photos of the fun I have reviewing products below;

This E-book is only $5.00 for a limited time offer. Pay with confidence using PayPal:

When you buy your copy of this E-Book now you are going to get

  1. All of the strategies I used to get my gear for FREE
  2. How to get started
  3. How to market yourself to companies
  4. How to use FREE internet tools
  5. Developing marketing tools
  6. Links to FREE effective tools to make your job easy


  1. Unlimited access to 3 Tutorials -YouTube 101-Twitter 101-Wordpress 101

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6 thoughts on “E-Book

  1. I loved this book! It is packed with lots of great insight. I really enjoyed how you broke your process down into a step by step guide on how to get free camping gear! Great work!

  2. WHAT A GREAT EBOOK! Best five dollars I have ever spent. I just got a free tent sent to me and I only had to pay shipping. The $5 for the E-Book save me $300.00 for the tent! I think that is a fair trade. This is a must buy for anyone that is looking to get some new gear for camping

  3. So I purchased this Ebook to get free camping gear and I am almost ready to send out my request to companies.

    My wife on the other hand read this book and took all of the concepts and applied it to her hobby (scrap booking) she has more time on her hands and has started receiving free scrap booking stuff.

    So the concepts work and I am planning to post an update when I start getting some free camping gear.

  4. Great E-book. One of the things that was talked about was the importance of social media. This bummed me out at first because I am an old timer and I thought that was going to be hard. But the free tutorials made signing up really easy and now I am getting subscribers and followers every week. I am also getting my first free product, a camping stove. So yes this was a good purchase

  5. I was hesitant to purchase this E-book at first because I didn’t want to get ripped off. But I thought what the heck it is only $5.00 and I was able to pay with paypal so I knew it was safe.

    Man am I glad I made the purchase, this book is full of great tools and I have already started getting some free stuff after sending out my first batch of request’s.

    Thanks Nick, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get so much free stuff so quick. I can’t wait to try out my new FREE gear.

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